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Hiring costs are one of the biggest expenses your business might have to face this year, even if you don't plan to do any major hiring.  Why?  Because of unanticipated defections and the havoc they cause: the cost of hiring someone new, the cost of training them or transitioning them to their new position, potential missing skills from the company and department, the fallout from the team to make up for the missing person in the interim, etc.

Employees today don't leave for just an increase in salary.  They leave because they aren't satisfied with all the other things your company is currently offering them.

If you are interested in keeping your key employees and taking control of these circumstances, SGES can help.  We work with you and your teams to limit the number of potential defections.  We lead discussions with groups of employees to discuss what they like and don't like about the company environment and benefits and what they would like to see change.  We work with you to develop an ongoing survey to track employee satisfaction over time.  We clarify job descriptions, so these employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.  And we help you build a path for them to succeed and grow.

There's also an additional benefit, with positive changes made, you may find it easier to attract new high caliber professionals that you weren't able to before.

"Susan has a strong knowledge of the ever-changing business climate and is up to date on the economic, financial and political landscape that affects small and medium size companies to multinational conglomerates." » more
-John T.  Digital CRM Marketer