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“5 Reasons Not to Resign Publicly” published

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

The editor of the women’s newsletter, “Woman Around Town” which is distributed to a subscriber based in New York City and Washington DC, asked Susan to write an article detailing why Greg Smith’s very public resignation from Goldman Sachs is not the right career move for most people.  Timing is everything, so while the subject of the public resignation was being hashed and rehashed in the media, the article demanded a quick turnaround.  Since Susan felt passionate about the lessons learned from this very public “airing of views”,  she wrote fast and furious, after listening to or reading views from such varied sources as “Real Time with Bill Maher”, the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and tumblr blogs.   Here is the result of  her rapid typing.  It was suggested that a number in the title (hence, a list) and in the content of the story would guarantee that the content could be organized, read and digested in an instant.  The article was published in today’s “Woman Around Town”.  You can view the article at or via the direct link:

SGES quoted in “How to Cash in on the Economic Recovery”

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

With recent stock market gains and with the latest media craze of articles pointing toward a brighter economic future, Rick Newman in tackles the subject of how to invest and how to reinvigorate your career – now,  before opportunities pass. “It’s time for gun-shy consumers to take more risks”.  Susan Goldberg was interviewed for the career portion of the article and offers some suggestions for those who are currently employed and those who are looking for work.  Susan of SGES, recommends considering smaller companies, freshening your skills, and if you are employed, be ready to receive a counteroffer from your current company.  To view the complete article in please click on
SGES thanks Rick for the coverage.  We hope you will also read additional posts written by Rick Newman at the same link.