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A Different Blog

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Are you up for it?  You’re invited to witness a new blog:  Susan Goldberg from SGES co-launched a new blog,  The Wonderland Odyssey.  It is being used in conjunction with the co-authoring of a business book, “The Wonderland Odyssey, Turning Leadership on its Hat” by Susan and Rebecca Lacy from Pinnacle Management Group. Susan and Rebecca met through a mutual contact via linkedin and have been working on the book for a year.  What started out as sharing business experiences and giving support in the consulting professions (executive search consulting and training)  became a discovery of mutual passions, views, compatible personality traits and values.  One of the results of this relationship, besides making business introductions and offering leads, was a driving force to write a book.   The work  is an unconventional business book from two unconventional business consultants: one in New York City, the other in the countryside of St. Louis.  It is a business book for anyone who wants to learn about leadership, running and managing a business, entrepreneurialism, working with others, selfknowledge, self assessment, and personal development, but can’t abide reading any business book from cover to cover because it never holds your interest.  Want something different?  You can read about, follow and join the whole experience on the blog: