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Considering Non-Profit

Thursday, September 8th, 2016


Have you ever considered a career in non-profit?   According to the media, it is a growing trend.  Of course, you want to make a difference, but does that mean non-profit is the right career choice for you?

During the past few years, as our company devotion towards supporting non-profits has grown, so have the number of conversations, SGES/Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting (or we), have had with former clients, candidates, colleagues, mentors, mentees about this subject.  What we’ve realized is that many who made the transition from for profit to non-profit, left it as quickly as they could.  It wasn’t for them.  It was a hasty decision. This has even been true of those who have been on the board of a non-profit and then became its Executive Director. It’s a different experience being on the outskirts from living the day to day.

In speaking with Nick Small, Managing Editor for Nonprofit Hub, an online educational community dedicated to giving nonprofits everything they need to better their organizations and communities, he also mentioned that he was having conversations which were similar to ours.   We decided it would be helpful to all those people who were contemplating joining a non-profit to be able to access a written piece that would explain a likely transition so that they could visualize it before they started interviewing.  The article should address both the seasoned executive from for profit and the recent graduate who was considering it as a first career.   Here is the article, which became so lengthy, that it became a two part article.  Let us know what you think.   If you can’t access the articles from these links, you can find them on the website.


How Millennials are Changing the Workplace: Panel

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting

After coaching, recruiting, advising, and hiring Millennials and clients who work with them, SGES was inspired to do two things: Susan co-authored a book (and workbook) on leadership geared toward Millennials, “Leadership in Wonderland” and developed a discussion panel about working with Millennials, approaching a partner in employment law at Frankfurt Kurnit to host the event.

The panel discussion, “Millennial Talent: Hiring, Retaining and Working With Your Company’s Future Leaders”, will be held on June 3, 2015 at Frankfurt Kurnit’s offices, 488 Madison Avenue, 10th Floor. The event starts at 6PM. The panel will include two Millennials: Amy Wu, CFO and COO of Newscred and Brendan Spain, US Commercial Director and Global Client Relationship Director of Financial Times, Gavin McElroy, an employment and compensation specialist and Partner at Frankfurt Kurnit, and culture and employment specialist, Susan Goldberg, founder of SGES.

We are so excited about the event. Please join us. We expect a lively and informative discussion, and a packed room. RSVP to before May 11.

All About Non-Competes & Restrictive Covenants

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

After speaking with experienced professionals and learning there are a lot of thoughts floating in and out of conversation about non-compete agreements that just aren’t true, Susan was given a chance to write a blog for the retained search association’s professional organization, the AESC ( and a database it sponsors, BlueSteps.  She thought it was the perfect topic to cover to clear up some of the misinformation.  And with the help of a fantastically knowledgeable labor and employment attorney, James Prusinowski of Trimboli & Prusinowski, she was able to collect and verify the information for the written piece.  Want to know if what you were saying or thinking, and what you had previously heard,  is or isn’t true?  For instance, is a non-compete really only a concern when you are considering a new position with a new employer?  Please read on: