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Considering Non-Profit

Thursday, September 8th, 2016


Have you ever considered a career in non-profit?   According to the media, it is a growing trend.  Of course, you want to make a difference, but does that mean non-profit is the right career choice for you?

During the past few years, as our company devotion towards supporting non-profits has grown, so have the number of conversations, SGES/Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting (or we), have had with former clients, candidates, colleagues, mentors, mentees about this subject.  What we’ve realized is that many who made the transition from for profit to non-profit, left it as quickly as they could.  It wasn’t for them.  It was a hasty decision. This has even been true of those who have been on the board of a non-profit and then became its Executive Director. It’s a different experience being on the outskirts from living the day to day.

In speaking with Nick Small, Managing Editor for Nonprofit Hub, an online educational community dedicated to giving nonprofits everything they need to better their organizations and communities, he also mentioned that he was having conversations which were similar to ours.   We decided it would be helpful to all those people who were contemplating joining a non-profit to be able to access a written piece that would explain a likely transition so that they could visualize it before they started interviewing.  The article should address both the seasoned executive from for profit and the recent graduate who was considering it as a first career.   Here is the article, which became so lengthy, that it became a two part article.  Let us know what you think.   If you can’t access the articles from these links, you can find them on the website.


The Necessity of Reinvention

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

industry  Change is a way of life.  Reinvention is necessary to stay relevant, current and valuable.  No advertised brand uses the same ad campaign year after year.  No product stays the same without upgrades, new ingredients, new features even if they are not mentioned in marketing.  No business stays the same.  Many of you may have seen content changes to reflect our rebranding within our social media, the Susan Goldberg Executive Search facebook page or Susan Goldberg’s linkedin account page .  Those changes have now hit our website .  Who is Susan Goldberg Executive Search or SGES?  What do we do?  What is our specialty?  Who do we work with?  Why are we different?  The rebranding is all under one roof in our website. Simply and cleanly. Our core values are the same, but our focus has narrowed and we’ve added an additional service due to what we were experiencing within our client industries, retention strategy/ keeping your people.  We hope you like the site.  Let us know.

PowerPlay NYC: Supporting Young Leaders

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

PowerPlay NYC, a wonderful non-profit focused on empowering girls through play, is celebrating the girls in its annual gala. SuperSTARS Celebration Reception. Susan Goldberg of SGES is an event co-chair. You can read why PowerPlay NYC is so close to Susan’s heart through the site:

Along with the help of Dana Ostomel of Deposit a Gift, we developed a crowdfunding campaign, to bring our fundraising efforts to social media and spread the word of what marvelous offerings that PowerPlay NYC provides for girls of all ages. The great things about crowdfunding are: you don’t have to know the person who launched the crowdfunding site in order to donate, you can donate any amount, it’s easy to spread the word about the cause through social media.

Help us keep up the momentum! Visit

SGES Receives Certificate of Appreciation

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Susan Goldberg Executive Search is honored.  Our company received a “Certificate of Appreciation” from the Beacon Society of  Lighthouse International.  The Beacon Society’s members support Lighthouse International in its efforts to “enhance the quality of life for people ..with vision loss”.   The representative graphics for the SGES brand and the vision and insight our organization delivers brought us to the doorstep of the Lighthouse and we feel good doing our part in bringing attention to its work.  We hope you will join us to support the mission of the special non-profit headquartered in New York City.  Lighthouse International is “dedicated to overcoming vision impairment through rehabilitation, education, research and advocacy”. Whether you volunteer for the organization, use social media to spread the word about the non-profit (its efforts and events), donate time or money, provide temporary or full time employment for the people the non-profit serves, or attend its fundraisers including Posh and Double Up 4 Vision, your efforts are appreciated.  Please visit:

SGES Featured on Lighthouse Website

Friday, August 10th, 2012

SGES is delighted to announce that we are in good company on Lighthouse International’s website.   We were told by the Chief External Affairs Officer, Barbara Gyde, that our company became listed this month on Lighthouse’s official site,,   among other well known companies, Givaudan, the global fragrance and flavor company, and Goldman Sachs, the international financial services giant.  We are mentioned in the “Meet Our Partners’ section of the site.  Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting has pledged to support the non-profit in any way we can.  We hope you will join us.  Please visit to see how you can donate your efforts toward helping the blind and those with low vision.

SGES Choses a new Charity: Lighthouse International

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

From the previous clues, “pay attention to the key words on the home page” and “an organization that fits with our message and branding”, which non-profit would you have chosen for SGES to support?  With any familiarity with our company, or one read through of our website, this one would have been at the top of your list.  SGES is thrilled to announce the support of our new non-profit of choice :  Lighthouse, officially Lighthouse International. 

Lighthouse, a non-profit that is based in Manhattan, was started by two women, whose mission was to  help the blind.  Since that time, the organization has grown substantially to offer a full range of services aimed at improving the quality of life for people who have low vision and blindness. 

Lighthouse was an  appealling choice because its headquarters was in our hometown, it was started by women and it focused all its work on sight, a recurring theme related to our work and our brand. SGES pledges to support the organization financially, also hoping to spread the word about the wonderful organization so that its marketing and its services can reach more people.  You can read additional information about Lighthouse by visiting its website, and learn more about SGES view about giving back and its dedication to Lighthouse by visiting the “giving back” section of our website: . You can also follow Lighthouse on Twitter at @lighthouseintl and at Facebook at Lighthouse International.  We hope you will help us support this wonderful non-profit.

Still on the Look Out

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

SGES has not decided upon the new charity choice to sponsor as quickly as we had hoped.  The non-profits that we were looking at seem to lack the passion we could get excited about: the initial quick turnaround of information and interest dwindled as soon as it had appeared.  We are still searching for a worthwhile organization that fits with our message and branding.  If you have suggestions for a non-profit, please let us know.  We are open to ideas, however, having an office in New York City is preferable because of our location.  Please send all suggestions to

Looking at a New Charity

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

SGES and the website is changing, which started in March of this year.  Our latest change will be our choice for the non-profit we chose to support.  The previous local charity will be replaced in the month of December, once Susan has interviewed the potential non-profits to choose which one goes best with our brand identity, and has determined which organization will most appreciate and benefit from our support.  We decided to retire our affiliation with our original choice, which had been in place for two years, and move on as it became clear that our support was not making the difference we thought it would.  It was the right time to help another worthwhile cause.  What will the cause be?  What will the organization look like?  Please “stay tuned” for our update, and, meanwhile we’ll give you a clue: look closely at key words on the homepage of our website.

SGES Seminars at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Susan Goldberg presented two seminars this week at Pace University’s business school in downtown Manhattan.  Sponsored by the Career Services department with the help of Dr. Barry Miller, Ms. Maxine Sugarman and Ms. Genevieve Chorhummel, Susan addressed two different audiences on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Monday’s audience was comprised of Lubin MBA alumni while Wednesday’s seminar instructed current students attending the undergraduate and graduate programs.  The alumni program content included information on how to work successfully with recruiters.  The student program focused on  interviewing skills including how to respond to particularly difficult questions and situations.  Audience participation was a key ingredient for both seminars so that the programs could be beneficial for the individual attendees.  The programs were well attended.  Individual attendees praised the helpfulness of the seminars.  A comment from one of the alumni attendees follows:

“Thanks for an informative and well done presentation last night.    Despite 20+ years in human resources, I picked up so many new ideas. The seminar was so helpful and I think the people sitting around me got a lot out of them, too.”  Barbara D

“Why” SGES Website Revamped

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

SGES reworked, reworded, and repositioned the company website,,   to be consistent with all marketing and sales.  The homepage, our purpose, who, news, sges retained search, Hiring 101 pages: all have been updated.   There will be other changes in the next few months including the giving back page, and a couple of graphics/visuals.  It become important for us at SGES to have a more unique brand that better reflects who we are and would attract like minds to the way we conduct our business and what we stand for as a company: an alternative approach to leadership, a direct honest style, a personal touch,  embracing the idea of giving back,  environmentally friendly,  and open-minded.   It’s also a reminder that our business is all about putting people first  (not transactions, procedures, technology or accounting).  

Special thanks to Simon Sinek for his speech and book, “Start with Why” which was the catalyst for the motivation behind the enhanced marketing efforts.