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Someone Is Recruiting Me

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Whether you have been actively recruited before, or have always found your jobs through friends, colleagues, family members, networking or ads, you are probably like most people – curious about what else is out there.  What other opportunities lie beyond my desk?  If you have the slightest inclination to hear about an alternative situation to the one that pays you now, you may be missing key information should someone approach you, unless you understand key points about recruiters and the recruiting process.

Susan Goldberg of SGES/Susan Goldberg Executive Search, wrote a blog entry  on for younger professional executives, but it is just as relevant for more seasoned talent who have never worked with or hired an outside hiring expert before, that explains some of those key points.  If you’ve been reluctant to ask questions because you assume you are supposed to know these things, this article is sure to be useful.   Still have questions, feel free to email Susan at or visit  Happy job searching!

PowerPlay NYC: Supporting Young Leaders

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

PowerPlay NYC, a wonderful non-profit focused on empowering girls through play, is celebrating the girls in its annual gala. SuperSTARS Celebration Reception. Susan Goldberg of SGES is an event co-chair. You can read why PowerPlay NYC is so close to Susan’s heart through the site:

Along with the help of Dana Ostomel of Deposit a Gift, we developed a crowdfunding campaign, to bring our fundraising efforts to social media and spread the word of what marvelous offerings that PowerPlay NYC provides for girls of all ages. The great things about crowdfunding are: you don’t have to know the person who launched the crowdfunding site in order to donate, you can donate any amount, it’s easy to spread the word about the cause through social media.

Help us keep up the momentum! Visit

The Perfect Hire? Is it a Real Person or Not?

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Is the typical way we find,  interview and hire the best person for a job obsolete because of social media?  Susan wrote a thoughtful response to an article in July/August’s issue of Scientific American Mind, “The Perfect Hire” which questioned the accuracy of current vetting practices in favor of using social media analysis instead .  The response was published as a blog in the Ageis newsletter compiled and circulated by L. Burke Files:   The original article, written by a psycologist and professor and his student, played down the importance of finding a candidate who is interested in a job, the role that interviewing and reference checking play in hiring, and the person to person interactions in hiring.  To find out what it was celebrating instead and Susan’s reaction to their findings, read Susan’s response.  An article in Sunday, August 11th’s New York Times, “I Flirt and Tweet. Follow me at #Socialbot.” written by Ian Urbina, adds further fuel to Susan’s post. It includes this quote “More than half of Web Traffic is from nonhumans”.   Touche!

SGES Receives Certificate of Appreciation

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Susan Goldberg Executive Search is honored.  Our company received a “Certificate of Appreciation” from the Beacon Society of  Lighthouse International.  The Beacon Society’s members support Lighthouse International in its efforts to “enhance the quality of life for people ..with vision loss”.   The representative graphics for the SGES brand and the vision and insight our organization delivers brought us to the doorstep of the Lighthouse and we feel good doing our part in bringing attention to its work.  We hope you will join us to support the mission of the special non-profit headquartered in New York City.  Lighthouse International is “dedicated to overcoming vision impairment through rehabilitation, education, research and advocacy”. Whether you volunteer for the organization, use social media to spread the word about the non-profit (its efforts and events), donate time or money, provide temporary or full time employment for the people the non-profit serves, or attend its fundraisers including Posh and Double Up 4 Vision, your efforts are appreciated.  Please visit:

A Different Blog

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Are you up for it?  You’re invited to witness a new blog:  Susan Goldberg from SGES co-launched a new blog,  The Wonderland Odyssey.  It is being used in conjunction with the co-authoring of a business book, “The Wonderland Odyssey, Turning Leadership on its Hat” by Susan and Rebecca Lacy from Pinnacle Management Group. Susan and Rebecca met through a mutual contact via linkedin and have been working on the book for a year.  What started out as sharing business experiences and giving support in the consulting professions (executive search consulting and training)  became a discovery of mutual passions, views, compatible personality traits and values.  One of the results of this relationship, besides making business introductions and offering leads, was a driving force to write a book.   The work  is an unconventional business book from two unconventional business consultants: one in New York City, the other in the countryside of St. Louis.  It is a business book for anyone who wants to learn about leadership, running and managing a business, entrepreneurialism, working with others, selfknowledge, self assessment, and personal development, but can’t abide reading any business book from cover to cover because it never holds your interest.  Want something different?  You can read about, follow and join the whole experience on the blog:

SGES Choses a new Charity: Lighthouse International

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

From the previous clues, “pay attention to the key words on the home page” and “an organization that fits with our message and branding”, which non-profit would you have chosen for SGES to support?  With any familiarity with our company, or one read through of our website, this one would have been at the top of your list.  SGES is thrilled to announce the support of our new non-profit of choice :  Lighthouse, officially Lighthouse International. 

Lighthouse, a non-profit that is based in Manhattan, was started by two women, whose mission was to  help the blind.  Since that time, the organization has grown substantially to offer a full range of services aimed at improving the quality of life for people who have low vision and blindness. 

Lighthouse was an  appealling choice because its headquarters was in our hometown, it was started by women and it focused all its work on sight, a recurring theme related to our work and our brand. SGES pledges to support the organization financially, also hoping to spread the word about the wonderful organization so that its marketing and its services can reach more people.  You can read additional information about Lighthouse by visiting its website, and learn more about SGES view about giving back and its dedication to Lighthouse by visiting the “giving back” section of our website: . You can also follow Lighthouse on Twitter at @lighthouseintl and at Facebook at Lighthouse International.  We hope you will help us support this wonderful non-profit.

SGES Mentioned in webgrrls Blog

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

One of the contributors to the well-known women and technology blog site, webgrrls international, spoke with Susan Goldberg of SGES about her current job search.  Maria Botta, the blogger, was so appreciative of Susan’s advice that she asked Susan if she could offer some general job search tips that Maria would then post in her upcoming blog entry, “My Job Search or The Art of War”.  Susan’s 5 Tips are included in that blog which was published within “webgrrls wisdom” on October 21.  To view the blog, please visit

Static No More

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Earlier in the year, the company website for SGES was revamped.  It has undergone additional changes today.  The homepage now includes a photo stream of Susan Goldberg, the founder and principal, shot during the course of a Wednesday.  The stream replaces a static image of her similar to the one in the “who” section of the site, . We worked with both our graphic designer, Cristian Fleming, of The Public Society team (, and the package deal of Jade Dressler, from Plant Agency ( and Alvaro (Al) Montagna, from Small Earth VC ( 

Cristian and Susan worked on the idea for the photo streaming while she was formulating the updated branding for the firm.  Then, Al captured the core energy of the Susan Goldberg Executive Search brand in the candid photo shots of Susan while she was working.  Susan wanted the photographs to “show me functioning naturally during the progression of a day”.  The objective was to catch her at varied times, doing and thinking different things.  “I work with people who are multi-dimensional real people, who are not just resumes.  I want people viewing the site to understand I am a real person too, not a posed image of a person”.  We welcome your feedback to let us know if we accomplished our goal.  Thanks to Cristian, Jade and Al for their patience and joint efforts.

Profile: Turnaround CEO with a twist, a new breed of Super Hero

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Anna Prata, or “Prata” to some of her friends and fans, a turnaround executive and potential winter Olympic athlete, was interviewed by Susan Goldberg for the weekly journal, “Woman Around Town”.  The article is entitled, “The New Female Super Hero” and a new breed of super hero, she is.  The driven executive has taken on the sport of skeleton; a sliding sport that uses the same track as bobsled and luge, but it is the head first version of the three.  She competes against people half her age.  Anna views her challenges in the sport similarly to her position as interim CEO when she is brought into a company to turn the company around and make it successful again:  you have to remain calm under extreme pressure, have confidence  in your decisions, speed and precision are critical, intensity and focus are demanded, you must always trust yourself and the head leads first are some of the similarities. Susan, was inspired by Anna’s special story, and the message it could send to many.   The small female daredevil sled driver is a force to be reckoned with.  To visit Anna’s company website, go to .  To read Prata’s story,  please visit or .

“Why” SGES Website Revamped

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

SGES reworked, reworded, and repositioned the company website,,   to be consistent with all marketing and sales.  The homepage, our purpose, who, news, sges retained search, Hiring 101 pages: all have been updated.   There will be other changes in the next few months including the giving back page, and a couple of graphics/visuals.  It become important for us at SGES to have a more unique brand that better reflects who we are and would attract like minds to the way we conduct our business and what we stand for as a company: an alternative approach to leadership, a direct honest style, a personal touch,  embracing the idea of giving back,  environmentally friendly,  and open-minded.   It’s also a reminder that our business is all about putting people first  (not transactions, procedures, technology or accounting).  

Special thanks to Simon Sinek for his speech and book, “Start with Why” which was the catalyst for the motivation behind the enhanced marketing efforts.