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High School Offerings for Alumni?

Monday, January 11th, 2016

The Harvard Club in New York City hosted an alumni function, however, not for former students of Harvard, but for former students of Newark Academy preparatory school in Livingston, New Jersey. Harvard University was founded in 1636, while Newark Academy (NA) was founded a good 138 years later.  Yet, the same questions confound the two schools alumni relations departments and career offices: what services to offer alumni for networking, career development and hiring besides just the social events. And how to insure a diversity of attendees?

On January 7th,  while college attendees were still home from school break and college grads in the working world were slowly getting back to the normal pace of work post-holidays,  NA hosted an alumni function for networking and career development – cocktails preceded by a presentation by fellow alumnus, Susan Goldberg, founder of Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting, SGES. Susan was honored to be chosen by the Director of Alumni Relations, Evan Nisenson to be the speaker that evening.

Susan led both a presentation and interactive discussion on “How to Stand Out” during a job search, pitch or interview; career resources; and networking tips.  It was a very social and fun evening, including an exchange of information on overcoming obstacles, which all attendees took part in.

As a graduate of NA living in the New York area, it was great if you made the event.  If not, you are welcome to ask Susan questions or follow up on discussions you had with her after the presentation at or  And for career tips, follow her on twitter at @suzebizcoach

Profile: Turnaround CEO with a twist, a new breed of Super Hero

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Anna Prata, or “Prata” to some of her friends and fans, a turnaround executive and potential winter Olympic athlete, was interviewed by Susan Goldberg for the weekly journal, “Woman Around Town”.  The article is entitled, “The New Female Super Hero” and a new breed of super hero, she is.  The driven executive has taken on the sport of skeleton; a sliding sport that uses the same track as bobsled and luge, but it is the head first version of the three.  She competes against people half her age.  Anna views her challenges in the sport similarly to her position as interim CEO when she is brought into a company to turn the company around and make it successful again:  you have to remain calm under extreme pressure, have confidence  in your decisions, speed and precision are critical, intensity and focus are demanded, you must always trust yourself and the head leads first are some of the similarities. Susan, was inspired by Anna’s special story, and the message it could send to many.   The small female daredevil sled driver is a force to be reckoned with.  To visit Anna’s company website, go to .  To read Prata’s story,  please visit or .