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Living a Childhood Dream

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Front Cover 5 x 9

Have you ever had a dream as a child that you wanted to fulfill so much that it stayed with you as you got older? Perhaps you wanted to produce a film, act on Broadway, curate an art exhibit?  Or maybe you wanted to be responsible for saving a life, setting an athletic world record, or creating something that enhances a number of people’s lives?  They’re all wonderful.

I’m Susan Goldberg .  I’ve always wanted to be an author.  I even had a pen name chosen.  Years passed,  my life became more practical.  I had two careers, the current one kept me very busy and fulfilled and I felt good about all the companies and individuals I have helped  in my business, but I wasn’t an author.  Time went by.  I wondered if I would ever see a glimpse of that dream become a reality.  It only had to be one book.

July 18, 2016 the kindle version of my book was released (the paperback will launch in early Fall).  And, what made it even better is that I had a co-author, Rebecca Lacy, who helped make it happen.  In fact, because she rekindled that spark and challenged me that we could do this, that we did.  We worked together seamlessly, with one voice, and with much joy.

“Leadership in Wonderland”,  available on Amazon Kindle is a work of fiction with a workbook attached.  The book was written for young professionals, first time entrepreneurs, creatives and other non-traditional leaders to discover or reinforce your leadership strengths and be alerted to the things you were never taught but it was assumed you knew .   It involves self-evaluation, problem solving and coming to terms with preconceived notions and biases you may not be aware that you hold.  But the book is also for the dreamer who lives in all of us.   Perhaps not a coincidence that the main character in “Leadership in Wonderland”, Alice, drawn from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” was also a dreamer.  Hmmmm.

Got a dream?  It will never go away until you make it real.  Come on, take that first step.

A Different Blog

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Are you up for it?  You’re invited to witness a new blog:  Susan Goldberg from SGES co-launched a new blog,  The Wonderland Odyssey.  It is being used in conjunction with the co-authoring of a business book, “The Wonderland Odyssey, Turning Leadership on its Hat” by Susan and Rebecca Lacy from Pinnacle Management Group. Susan and Rebecca met through a mutual contact via linkedin and have been working on the book for a year.  What started out as sharing business experiences and giving support in the consulting professions (executive search consulting and training)  became a discovery of mutual passions, views, compatible personality traits and values.  One of the results of this relationship, besides making business introductions and offering leads, was a driving force to write a book.   The work  is an unconventional business book from two unconventional business consultants: one in New York City, the other in the countryside of St. Louis.  It is a business book for anyone who wants to learn about leadership, running and managing a business, entrepreneurialism, working with others, selfknowledge, self assessment, and personal development, but can’t abide reading any business book from cover to cover because it never holds your interest.  Want something different?  You can read about, follow and join the whole experience on the blog: