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“Discovering and Repositioning Your Skills for a New Market” workshop and conference calls

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

June 16th, SGES presented a workshop at Carlisle Collection’s Manhattan showroom targeting professional women who were planning a career change in the near term or within the next few years.  The specific workshop was part of the event, “Trying It on For Size”,  which included three separate presentations, networking, and refreshments.  Providing the atmosphere of a traditional salon for gathering and sharing ideas, the workshop including handouts, a sample exercise, and then targeted exercises for the attendees to break into groups of 2 for informational feedback, with additional time for questions and findings.  Follow-up conference calls took place on Wednesday, June 30 and Thursday, July 1 to discuss suggested research each attendee accomplished on their own time, and specific career coaching questions that emerged from the attendee’s involvement in the workshop.  There was consensus that the workshop was successful and inspiring for the women.  As a result, all participants communicated an increased determination to pursue their new career goals and many mentioned an increase in their confidence level as well.   There has been interest by professional women in other areas of the country for the workshop to be offered outside the New York area, but nothing has been planned yet.

Article addressing “Why Change Jobs?” written by Susan Goldberg published on Wednesday

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The article written for this week’s addition of “Woman Around Town” addresses two life changing events: getting married and changing one’s job.  The title “Change is Good: Are You The Bride or the Cellphone” incorporates the two topics discussed in the article: planning a wedding while not jeopardizing your job, and, when and why to consider a job change.  The wedding topic was part of the week’s special edition devoted to June weddings.  The job change topic was a response to a reader who asked, “why interview, if your job isn’t broken”.  It includes a list of reasons to change jobs despite the fact that the current job may be adequate.  The cellphone is used as an analogy that refers to an individual and their career and is explained in the piece.  To learn more, read the article in the “working around” section of this week’s or click on this link:  If you are reading this from a blog, you can learn more about Susan Goldberg Executive Search at